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A Zombie Fanfic
"Paul newman on scene here with famous ninja turtle michaelangelo." The T.V. spouted while the other three now famous turtles lay sleeping. "So michaelangelo what finally led you and your brothers to stop hiding and announce your existence to the world." Paul asked with curiosity, watching michaelangelo for any reaction. Mikey smiled and answered the question politely"Well we certainly couldn't fight the rising zombie menace while keeping our cover. So we decided to get the hassle out of the way early" Paul looked at him with a smile as a faint rumbling sound emerged from behind them. Paul and mikey looked back to see a huge figure looming over them the news broadcast suddenly shut down and the T.V. displayed a technical difficulty sign…

Chapter 1. three brothers and a zombie
"Hey guys have you seen mikey?" Donatello asked looking at the T.V. with curiosity."No he just up and left without telling anyone, ever since splinter died he has been a pain." Raphael said angrily watching donetello for the slightest bit of retaliation. Donatello scowled "That coming from the rebal turtle of all people." Raphael grew angry pulling out his daggers "are you implying something stick face"He said with enough venom to kill a horse. "Maybe I am what are you gonna do about it ass" he spat back  pulling out his weapon ready to fight raph without hesitation.
        "Enough, both of you idiots!!!!!" Leonardo yelled throwing out to two smoke bombs to calm them down but causing the exact opposite effect. "What are you trying to do kill us?" they both yelled choking on the smoke."Will you two look at yourselves Mikey is missing and instead of figuring out where he is you idiots insist on fighting." Leo said angrily Looking at them both they looked down at the floor with disgust, not for each other but themselves."Exactly" Leo said then looking around for any hints to Mikey's location he spotted a letter lying on the floor and picked it up.

DEAR Michaelngelo,

We with channel eight news would like an interview with you, seeing as to your brothers refusing us. We will gladly have bodyguards set up in case a zombie attack. We hope you take us up on our offer and of course there will be pay and we will even try to provide you and your brothers a new house out of the sewers. So think about it and make a wise decision.

                                                -Paul Newman

"Hey guys I think I know where Mikey is." Leo said with a diminished expression."Leo where  is he"Donatello asked hopefully until he looked at Leo's face he frowned "he didn't""he did he may be in great danger." Leo said tying on his blue mask and slipping his katana into his belt. Raph and Doni tied on their masks putting their weapons back on their holsters preparing to fight off the zombies."so we just fight through the zombies blindly til we find him, is that it." Raph yelled angrily thinking about it "that's just stupid we will all d…" Raph was cut off by the sound of a sewer lid close. The three brothers looked to see a bloody and broken body fall onto the floor with a thud. They ran to the the body drawing their weapons ready to fight that's when they saw who it was.

    "Mikey" they gasped in unison Leo and Doni quickly picked up their hurt brother and set him on the couch gently. Hours passed as they looked him over for bite marks discovering only one but it didn't look like it affected turtles. Mikey finally woke up a few hours later Leo sat their silently watching him for any negative signs. "How you feeling bro" Leo asked cautiosly mikey looked at his brother and spoke"like those zombies tried to catch some fast food." Leo smiled, that was when he noticed the skin greying around the bite mark

Mikey looked to see what Leo was staring at and started to cry"Leo I'm scared" he said frightened. Raph walked over pulling out his daggers "Mikey this was the last thing I wanted" he said with sorrow tinging his voice the red of his mask darker around his eyes to show he was crying. Mikey looked up and smiled "I'll tell Master Splinter you said hi" his mask dripping tears and raph swung aiming to decapitate his beloved brother. "Kwitchit" metal collided Raph looked up surprised only to see Leo holding his katana protecting Mikey "no one dies today we will find a way to save mikey"Leo said calmly. Mikey looked up "Leo we already searched remember just kill me I don't wanna munch on you guys like a triple turtle pizza" He said with sorrow in his voice.
           Leo looked unaffected by these words he looked slowly to mikey"but Doni didn't even say bye yet" he said as Donatello walked up and embraced Mikey. "I love you brother please try to fight it I don't want you to die!!!" He cried Mikey cried too looking at Doni's neck and imagining the juicy flesh underneath and he opened his mouth to take his first delicious mouthful of green meat. Their was a flash of red and Mikey was no more as his head rolled to the floor with a thud. Doni let Mikeys body fall in shock and looked to Leo screaming"Why- why did you kill our brother why you- you idiot" Doni ripped off his mask with disgust tears staining his scarred green face. "I couldn't lose two brothers in one day" he said looking to the floor finding no comfort. Doni started walking away"well you lost me" and he was gone.

Chapter two:Two brothers on a mission
A friend drew the picture and was talking about writing a story for it but he never would so i decided i would so this is dedicated to his idea not finished yet though.
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U-D0NT-KN0W-ME Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Professional Artist
Would love to read more on this..If u ever want to up load or write in the Group "Zombies In a Halfshell" A group just for Zombie Turtles are welcome to..again loved your story ^___^
alien1361 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional Writer
thanks now i will write another chapter but furst i gotta finish writing a book im gettin published
U-D0NT-KN0W-ME Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional Artist
CoolBeans ^__^
alien1361 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Professional Writer
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